Are you looking for a new way to entertain your clients or corporate team?

Immerse yourself in an event at The Golf Room. Come and eXperience our 500 square foot wireless conference room for an hour where you could give a presentation to your top clients and then follow it up with 2 hours of fun at The Golf Room and our 8,000 square foot elite training facility. During your three hour (time is available to be restructured according to your needs) time a TGR, cater your event with our partners from Made From Scratch. Together we can create an eXperience that will create a lasting bond between you and the parties you bring to The Golf Room.

2 Hours 

Rent The Golf Room for 2 hours.

Our Team

Get exclusive training and tips with our Golf Channel Academy team and run fun games like closest to the pin and or long drive contest 


Come out of the eXperience with better and happier customers for years to come


  • Hour one – If desired, present your desired information to your clientele, or hire Dr. Todd Kays and let him speak wisdom into your group on an array of desired topics (Dr. Kays is not included into this price and is an extra add on. Inquire about prices)
  • Hour two – three – Play games like closest to the pin, long drive competitions, host your own Drive, Chip, and Putt competition, or just play one of our dozens of courses with the Trackman powering your experience.

Visit our practice page to learn more about Trackman 

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