Carson stone

Carson Stone joins The Golf Room after spending the previous seasons at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head South Carolina, a perennial favorite among PGA TOUR players as the tour’s regular stop following the masters. 

Mitch Farrer 

All the way from Sussex England, Mitch joined The Golf Room at the beginning of 2019 after spending nearly half a decade learning under David Leadbetter as his right hand man. Mitch is incredibly presonable and can shoot the breeze with just about anyone. A pleasure to be around 

Kyle morris
Owner and DIRECTOR of Instruction

Ranked by Golf Digest as “Best Young Instructor in America”, as well as “Best in State”, a Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach, and M.ster Trackman Professional, Kyle Morris is a PGA Tour Coach to PGA Tour winner Michael Thompson

Dr. Todd M. Kays

President of the Athletic Mind Institute, a sport and performance consulting firm in Dublin, Ohio. Dr. Kays is a licensed psychologist and is devoted to helping athletes and people of all walks of life achieve peak performance on a consistent and frequent basis.

Lindsay Becker

Ranked by Golf Digest as a “Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional in America”, Lindsay provides world-class rehabilitation and performance training to golfers of all skill levels, from juniors to players on the PGA Tour.

Richard Brazeau

Richard Brazeau, one of four certified AJGA College advisor help our junior navigate the complex waters of college golf and school placement.


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