Mental Performance Training

Most golfers have never been taught how to mentally train.

Our main goal at The Golf Room is to help golfers not only swing better, be fit, manage your mind or putt better, but to make sure you as a player can transfer these skills and perform better on the course when it matters.

Most golfers agree that a large percentage of their sport is mental and that the majority of their mistakes are mental mistakes. Yet most golfers spend little to no time strengthening their “mental muscle.” Why?

At The Golf Room featuring Dr. Todd Kays, we make certain that golfers of all skill levels learn how to train their mental muscle. We pride ourselves in offering cutting edge mental training tactics from over 20 years’ experience and utilizing the latest technologies such as focus band (  and heart math ( .

As a part of our Sport Psychology Services for Golf, we address numerous areas including:

  • Relaxing under pressure
  • Managing emotions in competition
  • Bouncing back from mistakes
  • Mentally preparing for tournament play
  • Mental training in putting, chipping, bunkers and wedges
  • Managing and addressing fear
  • Knowing how to practice
  • Managing major competitions and tournaments
  • Learning  how to go low
  • Transitioning to a higher level of play
  • Balancing academics and life with golf
  • Relationships and interpersonal concerns
  • Other types of stress

We specialize in strengthening the Mental and Personal components of success, and promote balance and collaboration in all areas of not only golf, but in life.

As a part of our exceptional services, we offer:

  • A personalized mental training program designed to address and promote success in all 5 areas, specializing in Mental and Personal components
  • Training for individuals, small groups, and teams
  • Access to Dr. Kays by email, phone, and SKYPE
  • Access to Dr. Kays’ latest seminars, books, podcasts, webinars and other performance-enhancement products


Dr. Todd Kays philosophy emphasizes 5 key components of optimal performance.