What is Mental Performance?

Our main goal at The Golf Room is to help golfers not only swing better, be fit, manage your mind or putt better, but to make sure you as a player can transfer these skills and perform better on the course when it matters.



These sessions provide a unique and invaluable opportunity to work individually with Dr. Kays.  Dr. Kays is extensively trained and authorized to guide you in understanding, learning and applying the skills needed to play your best golf. One-to-One Sessions will be tailored to each player’s goals and will be designed based on how much time has been reserved. One-to-One will be held at The Golf Room and or at Golf Club of Dublin during summer months. Sessions can be booked by the hour.

Adult Mental Training Workshop

Learn from world renown sports psychologist Dr. Todd Kays as he teaches you the art of being an athlete while on the course. Nearly all players leave the course feeling like they are not playing to their potential. However once Dr. Kays leads you through his four sessions of “The Mind and Golf”, “Focus and Ideal Golf”, “Managing Your Emotion in Golf and life”, and finally “Imagery, Mindfulness and Better Golf”, players will truly unleash their potential and not only enjoy the golf more but succeed better in life.



The mind is a muscle and if you train it, it will work for us, and if the player doesn’t it will work against them. With the help of  Dr. Todd Kays, The Golf Room’s Sport and Performance Psychologist, players will break through and learn what it is like to truly think like a champion. Dr. Kays Junior Group Mental Training program is broken into three levels.

Level 1 – 6 sessions are about:
  • Session One: The Mind and Golf
  • Session Two: The Ultimate Disciplined and Focused Practice
  • Session Three: Taking Your Game from Practice to the Tournament
  • Session Four: Managing Emotions Through Focus on the Process
  • Session Five: Stop Yelling in Your Own Ear!
  • Session Six: Mindfulness and Putting It All Together

Dates are continuous. Email Info@thegolfroom.com for more info.

Fee for all sessions: $300.00
Individual Sessions: $75.00
All session held at The Golf Room
Minimum of 8 participants needed for course to run.