“There are not to many instructors in the country I would take a lesson from, but I would, without hesitation take instruction from Kyle. I give him my highest recommendation as a person and as a teacher”

Mike Bender – 2009 PGA National Teacher of the year and Golf Digest Top 5 Instructors


Director of Instruction, Owner, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and Master Trackman Professional Kyle Morris and his team of coaches, will help lead you to the game you have been searching for. Each individual lesson begins with an interview about the current state of game, any physical limitations that may affect your ability to swing, and the goals you want to achieve with your golf game.

Next, high-speed video from all angles, Trackman Launch Monitor Data, and a Boditrak ground force synopsis will be taken of your swing.  After a review of the video that is recorded and emailed to you, Kyle shows you how to make immediate improvements using specific drills and training aids that force you to make your proper swing which will give you the proper feeling.

At the end of each lesson a summary and demonstration of the key points will be recorded by the instructor and loaded onto CoachNow (coachnow.io/) and all of this information along with the initial analysis will be put into your personal online CoachNow locker that you can download right to your phone or any computer. Altogether, Kyle will teach you how to properly practice and get you on the road to building the swing of a lifetime.

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60 minutes at The Golf Room October 15 – May 15 and The Golf Club of Dublin May 20 – October 15

  • $175 an hour
  • $799 – for 5 lessons

Call 614-747.5006 to inquire about on course playing lessons

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After being with The Golf Room for over two years, Carson has established himself quickly as one of the most sought out coaches in Central Ohio. As a former teacher at Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, home to the PGA TOUR RBC Heritage, Carson bring his tour proven teaching to The Golf Room. He is the perfect fit for the junior looking to get started in golf as he is the Director of our Future 36ers program to the competitive golfer looking how to become a scratch. 


$399 for two hours

Ever wonder how your bodies strengths and weakness impacts your swing?

Everything one does in their swing is a result of an efficiency either in their motor pattern or their body protecting itself against its limitations. With this service, combine two world renown coaches, Kyle Morris and Linsday Becker, as they perform a TPI evaluation, strength and conditioning evaluation, K-Vest assessment, Boditrack assessment, and Trackman evaluation in a two hour information packed lesson. Learn why you swing the way you do and get a customized plan to get better each and every time your at the gym or on the course. This is what The Golf Room is all about, this is a great starting point to get your game headed in the direction you always wanted.

What is included in my two hour evaluation?

Your evaluation will start with an in depth look into your bodies strengths and weakness. This evaluation is performed by Lindsay Becker, one of the worlds leading TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) trainers. Following her 20 minute assessment, we will have you hit balls for roughly 15-20 minutes while we gain all the data necessary for you to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. With the use of Trackman, K-vest, Boditrak, and TPI, we can pinpoint exactly what is happening in your game. Following us gaining all our data, we will discuss our findings for 20-30 minutes. The last hour or so is left to help teach you how to properly practice and physically train the correct motor patterns to create a lifetime of change in your golf game. You will leave with a full body report, golf swing practice plan, and home/gym workout plan to maximize not only your swing, but also your body.