Education, Mentorship and Advising on the College Golf Recruiting Process

Through partnership with Second Nine Golf Consulting, The Golf Room is proud to help you and your junior golfer navigate the waters of college golf. Our Mission is to educate and mentor junior golf families during the college recruiting process and provide them with the tools that will lead to the ideal fit for college, both academically and athletically.

Additionally, we will aim to further the life skills of each player through leadership development, social media training and mentorship.


Finding the right place to attend a college can be a daunting enough task.  Adding the desire to play college golf, at the right academic institution, for the right coach with a good program, while taking into account so many other factors can make the task very uncertain and risky.  With the help of Second Nine Consulting, and the advice from Coach B, the process becomes much more clear and concise.  

The Second Nine Consulting program is designed to mentor talented junior golfers and their families on the recruiting process and navigating junior golf.  We will aim to create  a lasting impression via our mentorship on each junior that will benefit them during their junior golf career, college career and help with long term success in life “after golf.”  Coach B’s 4 seasons at West Point have given him an incredible vantage point on how to develop character, leadership and discipline.  During the program, Coach B will aim to impart what he has learned on each client that will hopefully lead to long term growth and development that will help in both junior and college golf.  

We will take a positive, measured approach to finding the right college fit.  We will work with each family to create customized priorities during their search and use industry best practices to reach our desired goals.  

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