The Midwest Premier Taylormade Golf Fitters

During your fitting, you will start by warming up with your own clubs. There you will want to bring your set of clubs with you for your fitter to initially assess what you currently have been playing. This will also serve as a good comparison to what the benefits will be as you test new equipment in finding the exact fit. Both a visual look at your posture and set up along with a static test will be done initially to determine the length of your new clubs. You will then hit balls using the TrackMan Launch Monitor, which is the world leading technology for club fitting around the world. Truth is, players on the PGA Tour will not put a new club in the bag unless Trackman, and its 28 data parameters validate the change. Then depending on your Track Man numbers, goals for your game, and practice habits vs. playing time, our Master fitter will give you a series of combinations of heads and shafts, monitoring each combination and pin pointing your exact fit. This process takes approximately 1 hour for irons only or driver only and approximately 3 hours per whole set of clubs, which includes wedges and putter. We specialize in Taylormade but can provide other brands upon your request. We are the Midwest version of the Taylormade Kingdom of sorts, specializing in Taylormade who offers a head and shaft for every caliber of player. Taylormade is the preferred manufacturer of 6/10 in the world, including Tiger Woods, If they play Taylormade, maybe you should too!

What Other Brands Do We Carry?

  1. Taylormade 
  2. Calloway 
  3. Titleist
  4. Mizuno
  5. Ping 


Many places offer fittings with the use of technology but none of them have the Academy’s knowledge of the golf swing, and what made those numbers occur. Therefore, not only will each fitting include finding your right clubs, but if your are having a tough day we know how to get you back on track to make sure the shots you hit are the ones you want to be fit for.


  1. Complete Fujikura Shaft line
  2. Complete Accra Shaft Line 
  3. Aldila
  4. Graphite Design
  5. Mitsubushi 
  6. Project X
  7. UST
  8. KBS
  9. Nippon
  10. True Temper 
  11. Aerotech

All in all, we have over 10,000 shaft and head combos to allow your clubs to work for your and not against you. What are you waiting for, time to give your old game the shaft.

Irons Fitting

Driver/Wood Fitting

Current Club Assessment

Club Fitting Experience – $75 discount applied with purchase of clubs